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शरीरन्द्रिेन्द्रिय्सत्त्वात्म्संयोगो धारि जीवि तम् । नि त्यगश्र्चानुबन्धश्र्च पर्या यौरायुरुच्यते ॥

Vanaha Agro Forestry came into being with the intention to sustain, if not boost, the popularity of Essential Oils in today’s world. With rapid changes in the trends of the uses of traditional methods of Medicinal herbs, a light needs to be thrown on the ancient ways that can healthily be included in our current lifestyle. Essential Oils in today’s world are a means to transport yourself to different worlds of mental state or ground yourself when necessary

Vanaha Agro Forestry works towards obtaining the purest forms of these essential oils with processes that are natural and environment friendly. We
offer products that are optimal in their potency and have no speck of infiltration. We promote farming that is multi-faceted and helps our fellow
farmers to cope with the global demand of production. We take pride in guiding the farmer community with methods that are organic, economic as well as culturally uplifting. Our Vermi Compost Production Units have helped many, and more come to associate with it daily.

Vanaha is more than just a product, it’s our way of adding that extra hand to the agrarian community of India and aid those that have the potential
to make it big while keeping our culture alive and prosperous.

Vanaha AgroForestry contract farming.

Bamboo Farming
Melia Dubia Farming
Agarwood Farming
Bamboo Farming

Bamboo is a type of grass which can be grown in various climates & soil conditions. In today’s world we are dependent on fossil fuels which cannot be sustained for long time due to its affect on our earth. Bamboo is a very good option to tackle this as we can make ethanol & coal with it as well as bio-gas. Bamboo also sucks out carbon from the environment and reduces carbon footprint, a fully grown bamboo tree generates over 300kg of oxygen every year which is sufficient for one person for a whole year. India is moving towards such options to support our growing energy needs with the help of government. 

We want to join with farmers and barren land owners to develop their soil organically without the use of chemicals and pesticides by providing them with right knowledge and quality planting materials. Bamboo is the best option for barren land owners to develop it. We have successfully completed plantation of bamboo in Tadoba which is helping the farmers there as harvesting has started in two years. 

We also ourselves provide them with a fair price for the harvest. Multi-cropping can also be carried out with bamboo. Our vision is to slowly convert from use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides to an organic way of living promoting good health for future generation and maintaining the soil organic chemistry. We don’t promote any chemical farming we use vermicompost and vermiwash for our trees and all farming projects.

Melia Dubia Farming

Melia Dubia also known as Malabar neem is a promising multipurpose tree highly suitable for farm forestry and agro-forestry for generating higher income per unit area. It is one of the fastest growing trees in the world and considered as a money-spinning tree of short rotation due to its high demand in pulp wood plywood and timber industries. It is naturally resistant to borer and termite which makes it so desirable. Melia Dubia also has extensive medicinal uses the fruits of the tree is also used in medicine as anthelmintic astringent and treatment of colic pain. It is well known as rich and valuable source of bioactive limonoids which have insecticidal, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-malarial, anti-cancer and anti-viral properties.

Wood can be replaced by wood itself which is considered absolutely energy efficient and thus emerged as the most carbon neutral material. Bottom line is to shift the source of wood from natural forest to plantation timber.

Agarwood Farming

Agarwood also known as woods of God. It is the most expensive wood in the world and the oil derived from it is used in luxurious high-end perfumes. It is a dark resinous fragrant wood used in small carvings, incense and perfumes. Due to the depletion of the wild resource the cost of agarwood is high. Its smell is pleasing and complex with few or no natural analogues. It generally grows well in hilly areas and humid environment.

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